Every engagement with SEMC begins with an enrollment program review.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Planning
  • Strategic Enrollment Planning
  • Vendor Optimization
  • Executive Coaching

This service forms the foundation of your University’s engagement with SEMC and enables us to understand your enrollment goals and the current strategies, systems, and organizational structure being used to achieve them.  This service includes a written report with actionable recommendations. Any proposal for ongoing support will be based on this assessment and review.

The review includes an analysis of data and documents—marketing and communications plans, brand and social media strategies, staffing structure, external analysis, and budgets. Then, our team conducts up to 12 individual interviews with your institution’s marketing and communications staff, key on-campus partners, and other internal stakeholders representing externally facing areas such as admissions, academics, advancement, and athletics. Through a coherence inventory, your institution-wide marketing and communications messages, materials, and tools will also be reviewed, with consideration to how they relate to each area of the constituent lifecycle.

Our team reviews your institution’s recruitment plan, vendors, and trajectory for enrollment. This will include examining three years of enrollment data to analyze specific metrics across the student recruitment cycle, including financial aid awards. Then, our team conducts up to 15 individual interviews with staff, aimed at assessing your institution’s recruitment processes and procedures, to inform an analysis based on industry best practices and constituent centric management. Enrollment requires robust support from academic affairs, student life, marketing, information technology, athletics, the business office, and alumni affairs. While campus constituents may understand that “enrollment is the most important thing we do,” they may not know how to act on that understanding—so the interviews provide a deeper understanding of how your institution supports the plan.

An assessment of current vendors will feature a return on investment (ROI) analysis and a determine whether your institution is vendor-dependent or vendor-assisted. Given the number of vendors involved in enrollment—from direct marketing to financial aid leveraging—our focus includes identifying ways to effectively and efficiently manage any array of vendors you may rely upon. In doing so, SEMC will ensure that your institution is maximizing customized enrollment solutions that are in touch with your campus’s nuances.

You may select an optional study to optimize financial aid and ensure that financial aid awards are efficient across multiple segments of student merit and need-based aid packages.