Strategic Enrollment Management Counsel (SEMC) provides an authentic, strategic approach to your campus enrollment plan. What works at one university will not necessarily be applicable at your college. SEMC can help you determine how to optimize every tactic that builds into your campus-wide enrollment strategy. 

The Enrollment Division serves the College. In turn, Enrollment relies on coordination and support from each of: Institutional Marketing, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Alumni Affairs, Athletics, and the Business Office. SEMC will provide the insight not just for your Enrollment Division’s efficacy, but how each department interacts with Enrollment.  

SEMC will provide you with detailed insight about your recruitment effectiveness, can provide effective coaching to your VPEM and other Cabinet members, and help move your institution from being vender-dependent to vender-assisted.

Meet Our Staff & Partners

Michael Thorp, Ph.D

Senior Consultant and CEO

Michael has over 30 years of experience in higher education. A student of the profession, Michael has experience at both public and private institutions as well as small colleges and large universities. Over the years, Michael has directly supervised admission, financial aid, marketing, alumni affairs, and institutional research. 

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Danielle Suber

Senior Consultant and Vice President

Danielle Suber is the Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Malvern Preparatory School in Malvern, Pennsylvania. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Notre Dame of Maryland University in Communication Arts with minors in Advertising and Public Relations. Danielle is also the President and one of the founding members of Higher Level Educational Consulting, Inc; a non profit organization that helps mentor students of color in their post secondary plans.  In her spare time, she works with various community and non-profit organizations educating  underrepresented students on the importance of post secondary education as well as diversity, equity and inclusion educational opportunities.  

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Angela Payne, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant and Vice President

Angela is the Assistant Executive Director for Research and Effectiveness for the Mississippi Community College Board. The divisions and offices of the MCCB are dedicated to serving the state’s community colleges by concentrating efforts to improve statewide educational opportunities and advancement of the community college system through coordination, support, leadership and advocacy.
Angela has dedicated her higher education career to the community college system.  As a former chief admissions officer, she led a variety of student service units which supported the entire student lifecycle. Her diverse leadership experience includes college admissions, recruitment, orientation, Veteran/military services, student life and leadership, international student admissions/services, college placement and assessment services, dual credit/enrollment/early college, college customer relations, and academic/career advising. She has additional knowledge in financial aid/scholarships, academic affairs, faculty relations, college marketing, diversity and workforce training.
Angela also has extensive knowledge and research experience in statewide articulation policy development and implementation. She has presented her research to national and state audiences. With a passion for P-20 policy research and analysis, she works with state and national leaders on data trends for college readiness, success, and completion.
She has consulted with colleges and universities on transfer policy and enrollment management strategies. Angela also has information management consulting experience that includes Fortune 100 clientele in both the energy and education industries.
She earned her executive PhD in Urban Higher Education from Jackson State University. Her undergraduate studies were completed at Texas A&M University Commerce. She graduated from the University of Dallas, having earned a MBA in Contract Management. She is also an adjunct instructor using online, hybrid and traditional modalities for Legal Environment of Business, Introduction to Business Management, Social Ethics, and Leadership Development courses.

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JGA Counsel

SEMC is pleased to partner with JGA Counsel for Catalyst. JGA is a comprehensive philanthropic consulting firm.